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$PEACH is a standard ERC-20 token on Ethereum, and the native utility token used in the Monkey Kingdom ecosystem, passively generated daily by staking or collected by performing tasks.

Users will use $PEACH to strategically collect, trade, and grow their NFT assets. They can also perform functions such as joining raffles for whitelists of other NFT projects and voting in the Monkey Kingdom community.

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Max Supply
6,727,500 (2.69%)
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Rewards calculation

Rewards are calculated relative to staking time and last claim time, at 10$P or 20$P increments per Diamond Baepe or Wukong every 24-hour cycle since staking time.

Example: If you stake yesterday at 5pm, you can see your claimable to be 10$P for a Baepe after 5pm today. And if you claim that 10$P today at 6pm, your claimable balance will become 0 until 5pm tomorrow.

Can I list my Wukong / Baepe while staking?
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NOTE: $PEACH are not intended to be marketed, offered for sale, purchased, sold, or traded in any jurisdiction where they are prohibited by applicable laws or required further registration with any applicable governmental authorities.

Ways to get $PEACH

While supply lasts, you can generate $PEACH by the following:

  • Stake your Gen 1 (Monkey Kingdom) and/or Gen 2 (Diamond Baepe) NFTs on our staking website. Each Gen 1 (Monkey Kingdom) NFT staked will generate 20 $PEACH / day, and each Gen 2 (Diamond Baepe) NFT staked will generate 10 $PEACH / day.
  • Earn $PEACH as tips from Discord by participating in community activities such as trivia and flash quizzes.
  • Earn $PEACH by securing whitelist spots of other NFT projects to Monkey Kingdom holders.


While supply lasts, you can use $PEACH for the following:

  • Claim, while supply last, Gen 3 NFTs.
  • Join raffles for whitelists of other NFT projects.
  • Claim merchandise of Monkey Kingdom.
  • Tip fellow Discord members, learn how
  • Have your own say in the Monkey Kingdom's direction — voting!